Sigillet Xpress Frequently Asked Questions.

Question: Can the HMAC algorithm be used in Sigillet Xpress?
Answer: Yes, Sigillet Xpress has full HMAC support. You have a HMAC test option in the graphical user interface. The HMAC algorithm can also be used in the standard solution as well as in the template solution. You can easily switch between the Sigillet algorithm and the HMAC algorithm by changing a configuration parameter. Template examples for HMAC are included in the installation.
Question: What is the difference between Sigillet Xpress and Sigillet Algorithm?
Answer: Sigillet Xpress is a program which you can use directly. Sigillet Algorithm, on the other hand, is a code module which require programming.
Question: Should I use Sigillet Xpress or Sigillet Algorithm?
Answer: Sigillet Xpress is recommended. Sigillet Algorithm can be used in some special cases, for instance when transaction data is stored in a database instead of a file.

Sigillet Algorithm Frequently Asked Questions.

Question: Will the produced seal be different if Sigillet is called one time with 100 characters or two times with 50 characters each?
Answer: No
Question: Is there a limit on how many characters can be used in the seal calculation?
Answer: No. On some platforms there is however a 511 characters limit,
so you have to divide the data into several API calls if the data length is longer.
Information about this is found in the manuals for Sigillet.
Question: Sigillet has two interfaces, character and bit interface. They are also called external and internal interface.
Which interface is used for BGC transactions files?
Answer: The character interface.
Question: Is a transaction more secure if both a mainseal and subseals are used?
Answer: A mainseal is enough. Subseals can be used together with the mainseal if a lot of data is transferred.
Check the subseals if an invalid mainseal is found. You then only have to transmit the invalid part again.
Question: Shall characters such as CR and LF be included in the seal calculations? Shall subseals be used?
Answer: Sigillet is a very flexible algorithm which handle all standard characters and have support for both main seals and subseals.
The important thing is that Sigillet is used by both the sender and receiver in exactly the same way.
Question: Is Sigillet a secure algorithm?
Answer: It is difficult to mathematically prove that an algorithm is more secure than another.
Sigillet has been used since 1980 by banks, Bankgirot, Plusgirot, Tullverket etc.
Thousands of companies use it today and a transaction has never been modified without breaking the seal..
Question: Which advantages has Sigillet compared to other similar algorithms?
Answer: Sigillet has been used during a long time and can therefore be considered well trustworthy.
It is supported on more or less all computer platforms.
Sigillet has both main seals and subseals which many other algorithms don't have. .